Our Buda, Our Future

The purpose of this planning effort is to prepare a new comprehensive plan, downtown master plan, trails master plan, and corridor study of FM 1626 for the City of Buda. These plans will provide guidance for the physical development, redevelopment, and future direction of growth and governance within Buda’s planning area.

This planning process and the resulting policies will be critical to the City’s ability to promote and manage growth, protect, and enhance key areas of importance while accommodating future trends. That is why we are placing such a high importance on creating plans that are inclusive and are built upon the feedback we receive from the residents of Buda. Our Buda, Our Future embodies that the Buda community is invested in and the driving force behind the creation of these plans.

Draft – Part 1 of
Our Buda, Our Future

Draft – Part 2 of
Our Buda, Our Future

Draft Future Land Use Plan

Draft Trails Master Plan

Downtown Plan

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Comprehensive Plan
Downtown Plan
August 25, 2023
Final Open House Boards

The final Community Open House was held this week! At the event, the consultant team shared more about the planning

June 27, 2023
Public Engagement Summary

The primary purpose of public engagement is to ensure that a variety of voices are heard, get a fresh perspective

Project Timeline

Project Timeline


On Tuesday, September 20th, 2022, the City of Buda began the planning process with a Council visioning session. In November 2022, the City also created a Comprehensive Plan and a Downtown Master Plan oversight committee to participate in the planning process. These committees consist of Buda residents eager to help the consultants best understand the community’s needs. A portion of the kickoff includes a series of focus group meetings with various stakeholders to better understand everything that impacts Buda.


With four plans happening at once a robust public engagement plan is in place to accommodate the amount of feedback we hope to gather throughout the planning process: 3 community events, 4 open houses, 4 online public surveys, 13 advisory committees and 20 focus group meetings will be conducted over the next year to ensure that we are hearing from YOU! Please continue to check in about new events or surveys that you and your family can participate in.


Following the public engagement process, the planning team will take the elements of the consensus into guiding policy documents for the four areas. This includes establishing the vision of how Buda will continue to grow and determine how Buda achieves that vision through ongoing execution of the implementation action plan. Undertaking these four plans at the same time will result in more coordinated plan development and implementation efforts.

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