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What is a comprehensive plan?

A comprehensive plan is a long-range planning document that guides the growth of a city over time. It serves as a blueprint to guide future development and redevelopment in a community, based on an established framework. It considers existing and future needs and determines actions that the community should pursue to realize the overall vision. Once adopted, city staff and decision-makers use the Comprehensive Plan as a guide for community development. It does not replace zoning regulations, budgets, capital improvement programs, or any other regulatory documents.

How will this plan be used?

The Buda Comprehensive Plan is a tool to guide decisions made by staff, City Council, and the community. When new development proposals are submitted to the City, these groups will use the policy framework established in this plan to determine whether the proposal fits with the community-driven vision. The Implementation chapter contains a table with all of the action initiatives, which are a synthesis of community desires, City government actions, partnerships and leadership roles, studies and expenditures. These actions are to be used for directives and decision making by City staff as well as policy and decision-making by Buda’s elected and appointed officials. The document is flexible and can be amended over time as circumstances warrant. Overall, this comprehensive plan provides a guide for growth and development decisions to ensure that the Buda of the future maintains aspects of the “small town feel” and is a thriving community.

February 7, 2024
Adopted Plans Available for Download

The adopted Comprehensive Plan and Downtown Master Plan approved by City Council are now available on the Documents section of

August 25, 2023
Final Open House Boards

The final Community Open House was held this week! At the event, the consultant team shared more about the planning

June 27, 2023
Public Engagement Summary

The primary purpose of public engagement is to ensure that a variety of voices are heard, get a fresh perspective

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