Adopted Plans Available for Download

The adopted Comprehensive Plan and Downtown Master Plan approved by City Council are now available on the Documents section of the project website.

The final Community Open House was held this week! At the event, the consultant team shared more about the planning process and engagement results, and went into detail about the Comprehensive Plan goals and guiding principles, the Future Land Use Plan and land use categories, the Trails Master Plan, the FM 1626 Corridor Study, and the Downtown Buda Framework and Land Use Plan.

You can view the Final Open House Boards by clicking here.


The primary purpose of public engagement is to ensure that a variety of voices are heard, get a fresh perspective on the future, and create buy-in for the direction of the plan recommendations. Preparing a comprehensive plan is not something that happens often and the city’s leaders are provided an opportunity to let the voice of the citizenry lead the way towards the future.

For the Buda Comprehensive Plan, a multi-layered public outreach program was established to provide a foundation for the comprehensive planning process. Through the use of a variety of engagement strategies and opportunities, a diverse mix of residents, business owners, and other community stakeholders were provided a chance to voice their big ideas, needs, and priorities for the future. Under the banner of “Our Buda, Our Future,” the process included engaging the community for broad visioning but also targeted feedback for the downtown master plan, FM 1626 corridor, and trails master plan.


Takeaways and Themes

  • Sidewalk, trail, and street connectivity is highly desired throughout Buda
  • Managing traffic is a top priority of most citizens
  • Keeping the “small-town feel” of Buda is a top priority
  • Buda has done well keeping its uniqueness in the Austin region
  • Growth could overwhelm Buda’s infrastructure unless carefully planned
  • People want more to do locally (entertainment, dining, and shopping)
  • There isn’t much land left in Buda. Planning for the remaining area is critical!

Click here to view the full public engagement summary.

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